Food production is a major component of the economy in Halifax County and North Carolina. North Carolina ranks among the top states in key food and agricultural products. Experienced growers, extensive horticultural and food research, and fertile lands make North Carolina a high-yield state.

In Halifax County, we have the right ingredients to support the location of food and natural products production and distribution. One of our major assets is our East Coast location along Interstate 95. Halifax County has many other assets that benefit the food water imageand natural products industry:

  • Halifax Corporate Park - Shovel Ready, High Quality Industrial Park with over 690 acres
  • Assortment of rail and non-rail properties
  • High-quality and reliable water with significant excess capacity
  • Sanitary Sewer with excess capacity and ability to accept high effluents (BOD, TSS)
  • Industrial quality electric power with excess capacity
  • Natural gas
  • Growing presence of food-related businesses in the area
  • A base of skilled employees with background and experience in food processing
  • Large agricultural tracts to support food and natural products growing needs
  • Pro-business and leadership, including assistance programs, expedited permitting, etc.

Access via rail, Interstate and major highway, combined with abundant water and sewer capacities, make Halifax County ideal for food-related businesses. Contact our office today at 252-519-2630 and let us help you find the perfect site for your food-related business.