Halifax County, North Carolina is pro-business and our community leaders are committed to providing an environment to enhance business growth and prosperity. Companies looking to locate or expand in Halifax County will find a number of resources to support job creation and investment. Halifax County is designated as a Tier One Area by the North Carolina Department of Commerce. This designation provides for MAXIMUM support to qualifying new and expanding industries.

State Incentives

One North Carolina Fund

The One North Carolina Fund is a discretionary program that helps recruit and expand quality jobs in high value-added, knowledge-driven industries. It also provides financial assistance to those businesses or industries deemed vital to a healthy economy that are making significant efforts to expand in North Carolina. The fund currently consists of non-recurring appropriations made by the North Carolina General Assembly for companies contemplating new expansion or new operations in the state. The fund is designed to increase the state’s competitiveness so the project location or expansion must be in competition with another location outside the state.

Companies can receive funds for: 1) Installation or purchase of equipment; 2) Structural repairs, improvements, or renovations of existing buildings to be used for expansion; 3) Construction of or improvements to new or existing water, sewer, gas or electric utility distribution lines, or equipment for existing buildings. To be considered for the One North Carolina Fund, the company must agree to meet an average wage test. For companies considering Halifax County, the County must agree to match financial assistance to the company.

Halifax County Incentives

Economic Development Incentive Grant Program

Halifax County offers an Economic Development Incentive Grant Program designed to provide an inducement for qualifying new businesses to locate in Halifax County and encourage qualifying existing businesses to expand. The program provides a grant to companies investing in Halifax County. The amount of the grant, which is paid over five years) will be established by a contract with Halifax County. The amount of the grant is determined on a case-by-case basis in consideration of new jobs and taxable investment to be created by the business.

Halifax County Business & Industry Retention Grant

Halifax County may provide a grant or loan to retain business and industry under certain conditions. The intent of this grant/loan program is to retain significant tax base and employment and benefit Halifax County employees and citizens by increasing worker education, worker and company productivity, and long-term industry competitiveness on a global basis. The grant may not be used to protect companies from local business competition.

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