One of the greatest challenges for any new or expanding business is attracting and training a qualified and productive labor force. Halifax County's local and regional labor pool is diverse and can supply employees for virtually every business need.  From construction, manufacturing and warehousing, to hospitality, education, and government, our economy reflects a diverse range of industries. In the manufacturing sector, Halifax County has a strong presence of firms in lumber and forest products processing, food manufacturing, auto glass production, and allied industries. 

Halifax County Area Labor Force Profile - Population, Employed, Establishments, Unemployed

The labor force within a 30-mile "labor recruiting area" represents 89,914 workers and 542,277 within 60 miles. Our superior quality of life makes it easy to recruit key executives and managers from outside the area. Halifax County’s average weekly wage for all occupations is $632.  

Halifax County workers are hardworking and dependable. Our employers often tell us how pleased they are with our labor force. As a result of the customized training provided through Halifax Community College, our workforce is one of our greatest assets and one of businesses' greatest advantages. North Carolina’s right-to-work laws (G.S. 95, Article 10) result in low unionization rates for the area and North Carolina overall.

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Halifax County Occupation & Wage Profile

Halifax County Occupation and Wage Profile

There are a number of local resources to support initial and on-going employee recruitment. National employment agencies, temporary help firms, and a network of public and private training resources are available to provide specialized employee recruitment and workforce training services.Click here for a comprehensive list of employer services.

Area Labor Profile - February 2020


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